Applicant Information

Personal Info

Billing Details

Donation Total: $10

Payment Arrangements

Option 1: 
$300 – Paid in Full: This payment will be due 3 days after your acceptance

Option 2:
Down Payment: $150 – This payment will be due 3 days after your acceptance
Remaining Payment:  $150 - This payment will be due by the Week 3

Option 3:  
Pay three installments of $100.00, for three consecutive weeks, with the first being upon selection.

Intake Information

  • Applicants will receive a line jacket, membership card, lapel pin, and certificate.
  • Applicants must complete 4-week new members’ educational seminar.
  • Applicants must complete 10 hours of community service.
  • Applicants should attend Alpha Omega Phi induction ceremony.


Refunds are only acknowledged for pledges who withdraw from the pledge line.

Withdraw refunds are as followed:

  • Week 1 - 75%
  • Week 2 - 50%

(Certain accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis)

Membership Criteria

  • You must be currently serving in the military (need documentation), OR
  • Retired (need documentation), OR
  • Separated from the military (honorable, or under honorable conditions), OR
  • Military Spouse
  • Immediate Family member of a service member (part of our Association Division).  This is for members who have not served, but have immediate family members that have served.