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What do you do as an organization?

We provide a service to the community, assistance to veterans and currently serving military members, mentorship to young children and young adults, and a platform for members of all branches to interact and form a brotherhood / sisterhood environment.

Is Alpha Omega Phi Military Fraternity/Sorority, Inc a registered organization?

Yes, we are a registered non-profit, charity organization.

Are board members in Alpha Omega Phi Military Fraternity/Sorority, Inc on a salary?

No, all board members pay the same amount of fees / dues as the personnel applying to join.

Can I be a member of Alpha Omega Phi Military Fraternity/Sorority, Inc while overseas?

Yes, it does not matter where you are located in the world; we are open for all veterans and military personnel to join.

Do I have to be physically present during the intake process?

No.  You have two options:

1) Complete it online – This is the most recommended option.  A syllabus will be used during a four-week process, and

2) Regular intake – If you are on an installation, depending on the number of personnel desiring to join, and an Instructor is available. This will also be a four-week process.

If I have a discharge other than an “Honorable”, can I be a member?

Yes, however, it is considered on a case-by-case basis. A dishonorable discharge applicant is a “high risk” applicant, and will be much more scrutiny to determine if he or she could be accepted.

If I am a member of another organization, can I be a member of this one?

If you are a member of another fraternity or sorority (non-military) or other veteran organizations, then you can be a member of this organization. If you are a member of another military fraternity or sorority, then you cannot be part of this organization.

Do I need a deployment to join?

No. In addition, this is definitely not a measure we use in any decision we make.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, the membership fee is $100.00 every year to maintain operational costs.

Is there an intake fee?

Yes, the intake / applicant fee is $300.00. There are three options available to pay fees:

Option 1:  $300 – Paid in Full: This payment will be due 3 days after your acceptance

Option 2:  $150 – Down Payment:  This payment will be due 3 days after your acceptance;
– – – – – $150 – Remaining Payment:  This payment will be due by the end of Week 3

Option 3:  Pay three installments of $100.00, for three consecutive weeks, with the first being upon selection.

Applicants will receive line jacket, membership card, lapel pin, and certificate.

Can I start my own chapter once I become a member?

Yes. Upon completing the intake process and paying membership dues, a member can apply to start a local chapter.