Education First Program (E.F.P.)


To provide outreach, support, and educational opportunities for veterans and low-income families.


To provide scholarship training, financial literacy, mentorship, tutoring, and college preparation for individuals in the program.


Alpha Omega Phi’s goal is that veterans and low-income families experience a range of educational learning opportunities that promote literacy, creativity, and a healthy lifestyle.

Program Goals

  • Occupational Awareness and Career Exploration
  • Help to improve academic performance for all individuals
  • Help individuals cultivate essential life skills

Program Overview

Cost: Free
Application submission Starts: Jan. 1
Program Starts: Feb. 1
Program Ends: Nov. 1

  • Workshop
  • Financial literacy

  • College Prep

  • Scholarships

  • Internship

  • Military Programs

  • Offered in Partnership

  • Annual mentorship networking events

  • Tutoring

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Volunteer Opportunity