Alpha Omega Phi Military Fraternity & Sorority Inc was established to bring together all U.S. Armed Forces personnel across the world. It is the first co-ed fraternity/sorority in Military Greek history. We are dedicated to upholding the qualities of this organization to make proud the members of the U.S. Armed Forces both past and present.


Alpha Omega Phi Military Fraternity & Sorority Inc.'s vision is to provide a family-oriented organization that gives all armed forces a place to fellowship. We hope that Alpha Omega Phi can not only build a bridge between branches but extend our love into the community. Alpha Omega Phi will not just be a fraternity & Sorority that wears jackets, and we will be the organization that provides community support to our nation's heroes.


Alpha Omega Phi is dedicated to helping the community. It is our duty to support veterans and the local community in order to provide outstanding service.


Provide assistance to all veterans pertaining to welfare, morale, health, disability, and all benefits to equip them with tools necessary to succeed.


Alpha Omega Phi has the duty to help reduce the number of homeless veterans. With the support of the local community, Alpha Omega Phi will pledge to support homeless veterans and provide the necessary items needed for their comfortability.


Alpha Omega Phi Military Fraternity & Sorority Inc.'s mission is to inspire and uplift armed service personnel by assisting with fellowship, knowledge, education, and community service. Our goal is to bring all armed forces members together to provide a platform for community outreach to enhance communities.

Alpha Omega Phi is a fraternity & Sorority and a legally formed organization that will provide quality training and education to all veterans and service members to assist them in their daily journey. Our primary objective is to display integrity and unity to the highest degree possible.

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