AOP Application
Family Member Application

Membership Application Form

Thank you for considering Alpha Omega Phi Military Fraternity/Sorority, Inc. We are dedicated to our four founding qualities: Faith, Family, Country, and Integrity. This application focuses on “Country” and “Integrity”. We will need substantiating proof that you are / were in good standing with the military. Below are the instructions for completing the application. Once you are complete with filling out the application, please submit it, along with the following:

1) Completed Membership Application
2) Proof of Military Service (black out SSN and pay information):
a. Discharge or Retirement Orders, OR
b. DD214

Note: Our Applications Manager is available to help you with this process. The Applications Manager can be contacted via text or phone at (803) 679-2257 with any questions regarding this application.

Payment Arrangements

Option 1:
$275 – Paid in Full: This payment will be due by the end of Week 1.
Option 2:
Down Payment: $137.50 – This payment will be due by the end of Week 1 of Intake.
Remaining Payment: $137.50 – This payment will be due by the end of Week 2 of Intake.

Intake Information

  • Applicants will receive a blazer, membership card, and lapel pin.
  • Applicants must complete a 4-week new members’ educational seminar.
  • Applicants must complete 10 hours of community service intake.
  • Applicants MUST attend the ceremony within 1 year of intake completion.
  • Applicants must attend the Alpha Omega Phi induction ceremony to receive induction material.


Refunds are only acknowledged for pledges who withdraw from the pledge line.
Withdraw refunds are as followed:
• Week 1 – 75%
• Week 2 – 50%
(Certain accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis)

Membership Criteria

• You must be currently serving in the military (need documentation), OR
• Retired (need documentation), OR
• Separated from the military (honorable, or under honorable conditions), OR
• Military Spouse, OR
• Immediate Family member of a service member (part of our Association Division). This is for members who have not served but have immediate family members that have served.